Sunday, 15 January 2012

Week 3- Colorblock manicure

So, I wasn't sure what a colorblock manicure was, I had to look it up.

Here are the polishes that I used:

From left to right is: Finger Paints: Sketch N Etch, Cerulean Seascape, Art You Wondering, and Sally Hansen Super Shine.

First I painted my nails with Sketch N Etch and my ring finger with Art You Wondering and a layer of top coat:

And then I taped down all my fingers, except my ring finger:

And then I painted on Cerulean Seascape:

Took the tape off carefully:

I forgot to take pictures of putting down Art You Wondering?, but it is the same process as putting on Cerulean Seascape.

Here is the final nail:

And all together:

Originally I was going to place the colors in this order: Sketch N Etch, Art You Wondering?, and last Cerulean Seascape. After I swatched Art you Wondering and realized that it was not opaque I switched the order with Cerulean Seascape and placed Art You Wondering? last. I'm not sure that I made the right decision. You can see that this manicure became thick, with all the layers it is no wonder (3 layers of Sketch N Etch, 1 top coat, 3 layers Cerulean Seascape, 1 top coat, 4 layers of Art You Wondering? and 2 layers of top coat= 14 layers of nail polish.)

Needless to say, this manicure didn't last long. I took it off right after taking the pictures, I just couldn't stand the thick/lumpy tips.

I don't think I would do this style of manicure again, it took a long time for me to do (3 days!) and I didn't like the lumpy tips.

These products were bought with my own money for review by myself.


  1. Awesome, I love your color combo, those FP polishes you used are just amazing!

    1. I did like the colors, just not the clumpyness of so many layers.

  2. In spite of the fact you didn't like it very much they turned out pretty good. I always hate trying to do a tape mani. I always mess up, lol.

    1. I learned if I painted in the direction of the tape, so in this case holding my hand in front of me with the tips pointing down, over the tape and then keeping my hand that away until it dried I wouldn't get weird paint runs going over the other colors, but it did take some practice.

  3. thats a really pretty combo. That glitter polish is amaaaazing!


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