Friday, 20 January 2012

Finger Paints: Curator's Crimson swatch

FingerPaints: Curator's Crimson is a nice smooth creme polish in red.

From left to right: four coats of Curator's Crimson and one coat of top coat; four coats of Curator's Crimson; three coats of Curator's Crimson; two coats of Curator's Crimson; one coat of Curator's Crimson.

Closer view:

I probably could have skipped the fourth coat, but you can't tell in these pictures, but indoors I could see through on the tip part with only three coats. I really like the color of this polish, it kind of reminds me of either a villainous character's polish or a dramatic 1940s actress's polish. I didn't use a basecoat and the polish did stain my nails slightly.

Do you like seeing the layers individually?

I received this as a prize in a giveaway from Polished & Not Quite Put Together. Go see her blog it.

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