Monday, 5 December 2011

China Glaze: Ruby Pumps swatch

This is for my friend Jessica, who just stared a make-up video blog on Youtube that you can view here.

So, I don't know, but if you are like me I don't normally have the time or money to afford a manicure, plus I really had having someone jab an orange into my cuticles. I find it extremely painful and I did get an infection once, but that was from a pedicure.

Anyway, I started out by cleaning my hands thoroughly. I had been using acrylic paints earlier in the day and tried to make sure that I scrubbed off all the excess paint. I also put lotion on my hands since they were all nasty and dry. And, as you can see in all the pictures, I took off my wedding ring.

Then I put on a coat of Sally Hansen Super Shine I don't think this step is completely necessary, but I saw it on a Korean nail art blog, and the lady's nails were gorgeous, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Then I started painting my nails with the China Glaze: Ruby Pumps. I need my nails to dry quickly, because you never know what kind of mischief a five-year old can get up to, I only painted thin coats.

As you can see there isn't much difference between three or four coats, but I do think there is more of a shine with a top coat on the pinky finger that is needed.

One thing I have read on other blogs, and I think is true, is that the glitter is very hard to get off. That is true for most nail polishes that contain glitter, but especially true for this nail polish.

This is my thumb, which only had one coat of polish, and I scrubbed with nail polish remover.

If I do more of these it is going to have to wait until after I can get the rest of the polish off.

This product was bought with my own money for review by myself.


  1. I found this on Google when I looked up tips for getting glitter polish off. Hope it helps.

  2. Hi JadedChick.

    I should have updated this post. I actually found out that the nail polish remover went old, I've never had this happen before. When I got a new bottle of nail polish remover and used it on the nail polish it took it off right away.


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