Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Finger Paints: Paper-Mâché swatch and comparison

Finger Paints: Paper-Mâché is an opaque, creme, white polish.

In comparison to Pure Ice: Super Star! I think Paper-Mâché has a duller finish, and that Super Star! is brighter.

Unfortunately I didn't get to get the comparison shot until after Super Star! chipped. If I get a chance later I will retake the picture, but right now I am far behind and still need to catch up. Pure Ice: Super Star! is on the left and Finger Paints: Paper-Mâché is on the right.

Today's book recommendation is Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce. I first read this series in Junior High (before they all became Middle Schools, I'm old, I know.) Alanna trades places with her twin brother Thom, so she can become a knight, and he can become a mage. I still read this series, and others that Pierce has written over and over.


  1. Does Pure Ice brand generally bubble and chip? The brand got good reviews on MUA.

    1. Some times it bubbles and some times it doesn't, I haven't found a consistent reason for it to bubble. It does chip, eventually. In the last picture I had had it on for about a week and you can see the obvious chipping.


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